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Maria Anwander, Julian Behm, Matej Bosnić, Holli, Yoni Hong, Szu-ying Hsu, Gregor Kieseritzky, Julla Kroner, Daniel Kuge, Sophia Lökenhoff, Philip Nuernberger, Lea Schürmann, Orpheo Winter


March 29 - April 12 2019

First: A dance. Or was it a game, in which the back is bent as hard as one can go. Now: further down, almost kneeling. Keep up the tension and walk…further…ahead. Underneath that hurdle, without touching it, without losing the balance. Stretching your neck, rolling your eyes upwards to where the sky might be.
Second: The Purgatory. But first: To the waiting room. A transitional state for the mediocre surplus, the inbetweeners, the accidental perpetrators; those who didn’t know better… and nobody cares about anymore. Damn… get started already!
Third: The Machine. Immaculate. So flawless; it turned out too fast – ultimately violating the human body. Supersonic, virtually. And insanely beautiful. But too fierce to handle.
Fourth: Darkness. When all stars have ceased, we will ride on mirrors. Ride into black holes – to mesmerize them with their image. While we spiral, faster and faster around their centres – at the right moment – we pierce through their skin. And we flee at the speed of light with multitudes of life
These stories. I’ve heard ’em all. Had already seen this somewhere. Read about it. Almost exactly that. Please – don’t repeat it all over again. But if you’d ask me, if any of this was true… I couldn’t tell

Text: Lea Schürmann


Im Zeitalter von Postinternet Art, Augmented Reality und der Reproduzierbarkeit durch 3D-Druckverfahren erkunden Studierende der HBK Braunschweig die Grenzen zur klassischen Bildhauerei. Unter dem Aspekt der neuen technischen Möglichkeiten wird das Medium hinterfragt und über den Versuch einer Dekonstruktion vielleicht wieder zur skulpturalen Geste zurückgefunden.

Mit der freundlichen Unterstützung der HBK (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig)

JULIAN BEHM, note to self, wood, steel, ceramic, 179x32x80 cm, 2019
DANIEL KUGE, MTM2-L2TS1G-19, mixed media, 60×40 cm, 2019
LEA SCHÜRMANN, ouroboros (Schwanz im Maul), fig trees, fabric, zippers, modelling clay, window colour, dimensions variable, 2019
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