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(working title) (working title) (working title)


Gisele Gonon, Alex Chalmers

(working title)

December 12 to February 7 2021

(working title)

Alex Chalmers & Gisèle Gonon

12 December – 7 February 2021


Seestrasse 49, 13347 Wedding-Berlin

Exhibition Pic © Philippe Gerlach

To exhibit is to occupy a given space for a given time. It aims to share curated content with those who wish to encounter it, immerse themselves in it.

To exhibit is to make public. The means to continue with an exhibition during the current CoronaVirus situation and its impact on art spaces, led us to rethink a sharing process in a lockdown context, to keep things open. This position echoes the name of gr_und. Which has a double meaning when translated into English – ground and reason. The name is connected to the physicality of the space which has a cobble stone floor you would normally find outside on the street, and reflects the meaning of what it is to make an artist’s run space exist.

(working title) is a work in progress, which questions the status of the work through its stages of production, and deals with the process of sharing it with the public. The starting point is the given situation with which the work forms a bond, an interdependence between what is already there and what the artist’s bring in.

The exhibition is conceived as an arrangement of different types of spaces, where and when artworks blend together, oscillating between personal experiences and common narratives, created through collaborative work with the members of gr_und, on the specific context of the gallery by considering its space as a receptive, interactive and open surface.

Regarding the current situation, the exhibition can be seen through individual appointments.

Please book a timeslot at

The program is subject to possible changes in connection with the current pandemic regulations.

Updates will always be published on and social medias.


The current hygiene regulations apply to the exhibition. Please bring your own face covering.

This project is made possible thanks to the support from Institut Français de Berlin, Berliner Gartenarbeitsschulen and Schul-Umwelt-Zentrum Berlin Mitte.

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