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(Non)Depleted (Non)Depleted (Non)Depleted

(Non)Depleted (Non)Depleted (Non)Depleted



April 16 to Mai 14 2021

(Non)Depleted is an ongoing curatorial project, which currently investigates the broader context of our social, political and ecological relationship to materiality—focusing on aesthetics, research and self-reflection. It started as a virtual exhibition during the Dutch Design Week 2020 and will continue as a physical exhibition in the Gr_und gallery located in Berlin.
As a curatorial team, we intend to use the exhibition as a site to co-produce in- terdisciplinary knowledge across areas of material research, infrastructural po- wers and socio-ecological urgency. The project‘s title „Depleted“ refers mainly to resource depletion caused by extractive capitalism and its various social, po- litical and emotional effects. The „Non“ refers to the creative minds and practi- tioners, which address these issues and envision alternative directions.

It is a group show gathering design and contemporary art perspectives that tackle the theme of (Non)Depleted from different angles—resulting in a wide range of projects, including active experimentation with post-industrial waste, biomaterials, living organisms and digital tools. In one case using production processes as a format of storytelling that mimics how humankind changes landscapes, using geology as a source of inspiration, the commodification of nature or designs with living organisms and ranging from a rebirth of crafts- manship to high-tech technology and scientific innovation.

The individual projects address different industries—from fashion and food pro- duction to industrial mining and building industry—in which a rethinking of ma- terial usage is necessary. The variety of projects allows us to parallel approach these different sectors.

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