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over&overtime&time again over&overtime&time again over&overtime&time again

over&overtime&time again over&overtime&time again over&overtime&time again


Théo Pożoga

over&overtime&time again

« In the world described by quantum mechanics there is no reality except in the relations between physical systems. It isn’t things that enter into relations but, rather, relations that ground the notion of “thing”. The world of quantum mechanics is not a world of objects: it is a world of events. “An object is a monotonous process.” A stone is a vibration of quanta that maintains its structure for a while, just as a marine wave maintains its identity for a while before melting again into the sea. We, like waves and like all objects, are a flux of events; we are processes, for a brief time monotonous.»
— Carlo Rovelli, ‘Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity’

After conceptualizing the group show « W.E.L.T. – Apophenia » in 2017 and building the futuristic cave of « LN2 VAPOR » in 2019, Théo returns to Gr_und for his first solo-exhibition.
Comprised of 16 dedicated speakers dispersed through the entire length of the gallery -think one voice per speaker, a sort of speaker orchestra-, « over&overtime&time again » is an immersive 1h long musical piece sketching an abstract story.
The aim here is to put in relation months of sonic research in the artist’s studio on the deconstruction of genre-assigned emotive sound particles with the wish to sound space (« sounding » here as verb: « to examine by causing to emit sounds »).
If you imagine a patchwork quilt sewn from Drone, Disco, Footwork and Jazz pieces, « over&over » would be made of the residues, the particles of fabric and dust ejected from the action of beating the comforter, giving us the opportunity to observe the grains descending slowly under different angles as it falls through the sunlight with the help of experimental methods like granular synthesis, spectral processing, extreme time stretching and bit reduction.
With this audio installation, Théo invites us to walk through the field of loudspeakers to investigate the role of time in the production of space and vice versa, but also through our own movements, to reflect upon the active part of the listener on the very fabric of the composition. With more than one event happening at once in the piece, the visitor is invited to harmonize the chaos, focus on specific details or step back, sit and meditate or roam around.

An artist talk between Anna Wiget from and Théo Pozoga will take place on Thursday Oct 28th at 19:00 and will be retransmitted live online.

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