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LIVE at gr_und LIVE at gr_und LIVE at gr_und

LIVE at gr_und LIVE at gr_und LIVE at gr_und


BZMC, Le Matin

LIVE at gr_und

Wednesday 13th Aprill 2022

To kick off this spring season, we are reintroducing our concert series at gr_und.
This Wednesday, April 13th 2022, we are happy to welcome two French musician for their live sets.

BZMC – ( Editions Gravats, Shelter Press )

Maxime Primault self-released first album « Straight Cassette » came out on tape in the end of 2011. Having grown a solid fan base among nerds, it went on to be successfully reissued on Vinyl two years later and reach a larger audience. The moniker, though, could have been left out to drift into oblivion, had it not been for the French artist and DJ Low Jack’s proposal to release a new BZMC album, on his newborn Edition Gravats label.

Le Matin – (Mathematics, Dekmantel, Third Type Tapes, Lost Dogs Entertainment)

Charles Torris started music producing deconstructed techno styles under the nickname Erruer then switched in 2009 for Le Matin to express his strange vision of the world through electro, disco, wave and industrial styles, with vinyl and cassette publications by various labels (Mathematics, Dekmantel, Third Type Tapes, Lost Dogs Entertainment) and performances in a number of clubs and festivals (Astropolis, Maintenant, Serendip, Mechatronica …).
His current machine live set somehow returns to deconstruction and corrupts the heritage of the UK bass and footwork by exploiting the breach of unexpected time signatures, and producing a dance music with atypical grooves.
+ Vonverhille (maturre) DJ
Come and join us, entry 4€.
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