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Liquid Perspective Liquid Perspective Liquid Perspective

Liquid Perspective Liquid Perspective Liquid Perspective


Mathias Gramoso

Liquid Perspective

April 27th to May 26th 2022

Liquid Perspective
Mathias Gramoso

Opening on Wednesday 27th of April at 6pm
gr_und, Seestrasse 49 – 13347 Berlin

Liquid Perspective is a multichannel video and sound installation spread across the tunnel-shaped exhibition space of Gr_und. The camera follows a surfer from different points of views, and immerses the viewer in liquid matter.
The narration starts with the image of an excavator and dump trucks displacing piles of sand in order to prevent the water from submerging the land. The work addresses the intercorrelation between fluidity and the environment of global catastrophe we live in.
Further works placed at the entrance reflect on new technologies characterised by speed as the foremost logic of their own development. An abstract combination of images taken from the internet cohabitate with the materiality of our everyday monitors.

Artist biography:
Mathias Gramoso is a French-Portuguese artist based in Porto and Berlin. His multidisciplinary practice ranges between performance, video, photography and installation, with a focus on urban engagement, political conflicts and human relationships with technology and the natural environment. He attended the Higher School Of Arts in Porto and the Technical University in Berlin. He is the former founder of the collective Algoist and former co-director at Erratum Gallery. His work has been exhibited in London, Berlin and Porto.

Sound design by Lugh O’neil.
Special thanks to Ruben Almeida, Alice Chardenet, Tiago Ferreirinho, Miguel Angel Reyes Benz, the surfers from Esposende, Ivy Lee, Diogo Vale, Marie Hugny, David Schlechtriem, Julian Charrière, Johannes Förster and the team of Gr_und for the support.

Sponsored by: Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge

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