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Schnittmenge Schnittmenge Schnittmenge

Schnittmenge Schnittmenge Schnittmenge




August 5th to August 26th 2022

ZEBU is a visual artists duo from Berlin, founded in 2015 by Lynn Lehmann and Dennis Gärtner. Both graduated with a Master of Arts from Weißensee School of Art and the University of the Arts Berlin in 2017. The duo creates at the intersection of illustration, graphic design and painting. Their current solo show Schnittmenge at project space gr_und showcases one of their most striking qualities: their interest and willingness to continuously morph and expand their visual vocabulary.

On display are key works of ZEBU’s ongoing research in the field of tapestry which started three years ago. The duo’s signature creative process is a back and forth between their artistic visions, ideas and perspectives, resulting in an ever new visual language which is based on equal authorship. Each piece evolved from a small-scale colored pencil drawing, which was digitally processed, manipulated, cut apart, collaged together and eventually transformed into large-scale tufted wall hangings. Completely made of natural wool, the works are an exploration of the notion of creating haptic experiences from visual inspirations.

The evening of the opening will be accompanied by live music of SPAD and Willis Anne, as well as DJ-sets by Christian Pausch (Fm4) and Olta Karawane. The exhibition is part of this years Project Space Festival Berlin.

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