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Childhood intelligence x Gr_und Childhood intelligence x Gr_und Childhood intelligence x Gr_und

Childhood intelligence x Gr_und Childhood intelligence x Gr_und Childhood intelligence x Gr_und


Maholo, Kana Ueda, Mudwig,Miles Schuler, Stewart Armstrong, Skowronnek, Ryoji Homma, Julia Adolphs, Alexis Jamet, Jack Lloyd, Duncan Passmore, Santiago Romero, Zu Kalinowska, Damien Sayer, Valentina Schumacher, Michel Santos, Anna Wiget

Childhood intelligence x Gr_und

December 3rd to 7th 2022

Childhood intelligence x Gr_und Galerie present “Objekte Vol.1”, on the 3.rd & of December 2022, Berlin. A collaborative project in form of an international group show presenting 17 artists and various other artisans & craftspeople. A collective gathering to discover and adventure into the world of the imagination. Aiming to create a magical experience through live creations, music & soundscapes, printed matters, apparel capsules, ceramics, tufting, screen printing, embroidery and other wondrous happenings. Thematics as technology, ancient tradition, nature, graffiti and animation are displayed through various minds and techniques.

“Childhood intelligence x Gr_und – Objekte Vol. 1” 3.12.2022 – 4.12.2022 / Seestrasse 49, 13347, Berlin, Germany. Saturday & Sunday 12:00 – 22:00 /
U-Bahnhof “Seestrasse” / S-Bahn “Wedding”

Group Show:

Maholo / @ma.holo
Kana Ueda / @anauea
Mudwig / @mudwig
Miles Schuler / @milesschuler
Stewart Armstrong / @stewart_armstrong_
Alsino Skowronnek / @alsinoskowronnek
Ryoji Homma / @ryoji_homma
Julia Adolphs /
Alexis Jamet / @alexis_jamet
Jack Lloyd / @lookingforloot
Duncan Passmore / @brown_gold_
Santiago Romero / @skaparomero
Zu Kalinowska / @_z___u
Damien Sayer / @streets_of_acheres
Valentina Schumacher / @valentinasschumacher
Michel Santos / @mimi_aka_carlos
Anna Wiget / @lapulasercat

Live Performance by: 

Brainwave Neurosphere Live by Masahiro Kahata
Dj Immortal Experimental Live
Otis & Intheismah Cassette Hybrid Live Jam 
Satoko Hatayama Live Ikebana Performance
Live Tufting by Valentina Schumacher

Arts, Crafts & Printed Matters:

Lodown Magazine & Makin’Paper Zines 
C.C.P. Apparel, Prints & Publications
Childhood Intelligence Discography, “Bleeps & Bloops” Capsule Collection 
Korean / Japanese Rare Deadstock & Curated Vintage by Childhood Intelligence
Fieldink Studio 4-Screen Live Printing with Screens by Stewart Armstrong, Maholo & Lookingforloot (Bring your own Clothes & Choose a Screen) 
Tattoo by 28Mania & Friends
Blumi Rings by Mana Komiyama
Ceramics by Elena Cheprakova & Inaya Ceramics 
Reishi Sculptures by Berlin Mushroom Initiative


Childhood Intelligence Objekte Vol. 1 Compilation 

Music By:

Lucy Cook 
Sabrina Rodeo
Jonas Köksal
Ika & Ushrenko 
Thought Machine

Records By: 

Kimchi Records 
Childhood Intelligence

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