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Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma

Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma


Katya Quel

Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma

15 December 2022 to 8 January 2023

Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma
Opening: 15.12.22, 6pm

Liturgy: 15.12.22, 7pm
The Iconostasis, the central design element of an Orthodox sacred space, serves as the focal point of Katya Quel’s eclectic multi-media installation. By combining numerous works of different sizes with high reliefs, the eclectic installation creates a pseudo-spiritual temple of artistic reality. Katya Quel is gathering like-minded artists to expropriate beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation.
Iconostasis of Hypocrisy III: Dogma is set in an eco-post dystopia, after the collapse of capitalism, when nature took back control of the Earth – man made materials are decaying and rust, mold, moss, mushrooms, flowers, and plants have won the battle against civilization. Katya Quel’s works make use of contrasting materials that integrate organic matter juxtaposed against kitschy artificiality, creating a setting which is simultaneously bubbly and dystopic. The Iconostasis of Hypocrisy is the place where our sins can be forgiven. The deacon, the choir, and the priest sing songs of fantastic doom.
“We invite you to the rite of transcendental transplantation of sensory perception, the liturgy of awareness, the chant of jubilant triviality in the molecular rhythm of the harpist tortured by the half-tones, saluting the secrets spreading in incompatibility, the bacchanalia of unlearning the jagged expansive testimonies, sacrilege over imagination through the prism of the accidental, freeing the hidden and feeding the comprehended.”
The current situation of the world is quite tragic. The future has become both incalculable and unpredictable, and scenarios for the world’s demise have multiplied alike. Religious fanatics and the strength of the power of the church is gaining momentum again. Propaganda and feigned patriotism push people to internecine wars and hatred. The third iteration Dogma is attempting to criticize real-life religious institutions as limiters of critical thinking through the establishment of their own unshakable Beliefs.
Katya Quel’s artistic vocabulary translates her interests such as embracing internet culture, fashion, and philosophy, thus rejecting institutionalized power and internalized belief systems. By appropriating the iconostasis and the rite associated with it, the artist challenges the exclusivity, patriarchal system, and eternal power of the Christian Orthodox Church.
“Bad things

It’s a lot of bad things

God’s plan“
Curated by Sigrid Hermann
The performance ceremony includes a live ambient set by Holden Cumfield and a real choir based on traditional Church Slavonic chants.
Sound: Holden Cumfield
3D Sculptures: Sargon Khino
Set design and video: Synthtati
Choir conductor: Laura Largillier
Choir: Ekaterina Kovalenko, Sofia Ogarkova, Sonia Ve
Performers: Nastya Klychkova, Tati Leonteva, Sophia Salebia
Assistance: Virgile Bettan
Canons in the performance ceremony are written by the post-toxic revelation of Katya Quel for the 2nd century Before The Victory Of The Slime. Text is the property of Katya Quel. Song 3 consists of passages of songs of Drake, Too Good and God‘s Plan

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