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other people’s clothing other people’s clothing other people’s clothing

other people’s clothing other people’s clothing other people’s clothing


Kevin Desbouis, Pati Hill, Charlotte Houette

other people’s clothing

June 15th - July 2nd 2023

Other people’s clothing is a group show with Kevin Desbouis, Pati Hill, Charlotte Houette, curated by Fiona Vilmer. In partnership with Les Bains-Douches (Alençon) & Gr_und (Berlin) in the frame of the Project Space Festival 2023.

The first occurrence of the exhibition Other people’s clothing took place at the art centre Les Bains-Douches in France. For this second part of the exhibition hosted by Gr_und, other people’s clothing presents itself as a version that suggests another way of appearing, continuing its investigation into attitudes of disappearance and possible fictions of self. The works by Kevin Desbouis, Pati Hill and Charlotte Houette, brought together for this exhibition, play with surface effects of attraction, suspicion and a promised intensity that operate through tactics of diversion, or what might be identified as a special effect or a joke. The exhibition questions the possible ways of being and being situated in reality, with the idea that something is always – and already – happening elsewhere, by summoning mechanisms of fictions and shifts within their own practice. These phenomena of absorption evoke, through their forms, more or less dramatic, more or less comical changes of state.

On the occasion of the Project Space festival, we will launch the edition of “Suckcess 2” by Kevin Desbouis, followed by a concert by Cesar Palace, the unstoppable drummer of La Colonie de Vacances (and the late Electric Electric). This feedback tamer organizes a tribal clash of pure rhythm and cosmic drone. Between dark minimalism on steroids and industrial experimentation.

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