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Like a deer Like a deer Like a deer

Like a deer Like a deer Like a deer


Axel Pahlavi, Benedikt von Harder, ChiaoHan Chueh, Gaël Epiney, Hannes Berwing, Jill Winnie Moser, Josephine Rothäuser, Michel Santos, Mike Okay, Mariana Zarpellon, Martin Sieron, Valère Mougeot, Natascha Frioud, Philipp Ernst, Ralf Pflugfelder, Sarah Loibl, Viktor Voi

Like a deer

November 10th to December 1st 2023

Gr_und is happy to showcase 14 new artists. Referring to the saying “Like a deer caught in the headlights,” the title of this particular show encapsulates the essence of this spontaneous exhibition. The curation has been made with heart, hurry and guts, featuring 14 artists, selected for their unique and bold expressions. Much like a deer suddenly finding itself illuminated by the blinding headlights of a vehicle, these artists have been thrust into the spotlight. Their art, raw and unfiltered, captures the moment of realization, the instant decisions, and the visceral reactions that come with being thrust into the limelight.
Join us this Friday in celebrating this medium of painting, doors open at 6pm, until 11pm.

11.11.23 – 01.12.23
Opening 10.11.23
gr_und, seetrasse 49 – 13347 Berlin

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