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Live Concert Live Concert Live Concert

Live Concert Live Concert Live Concert


Mauricio Takara & sergej vutuc, Maja Milic & Alessandro Citterio, Lars Noll

Live Concert

March 14th 2024

Sound and visual improvisation through the resonance of Super-8 and 16mm film projectors in dialog with percussion and electronics.

Mauricio Takara plays drums and percussion with the bands Hurtmold, São Paulo Underground (with trumpeter Rob Mazurek from Chicago) and the trio Rakta. With these bands, he has released many records and has played all over the world, including festivals like Sonar, SXSW, Saalfelden Jazz, Belgrade Jazz Festival, Club Transmediale, etc. Takara is also very active in São Paulo´s improvised and experimental music scene and has played with a wide range of musicians such as Pharoah Sanders, Damo Suzuki, Yusef Lateef, Joe Lally (Fugazi), Prefuse 73, Makoto Kawabata, among many others. In his solo work, he mainly uses drums and percussion in connection with synthesizers and electronics, exploring the more abstract as well as melodic side of rhythms and percussive sounds.

instagram: @mtakarara

Over time, Sergej Vutuc’s works turn out to lend towards the studying and structuring of a certain coherent space of ideas, feedback and exchange, with the idea of the physical mostly serving as a disposable clue or pseudo-honest landmark. This is as far as all humanly perceptible and exploitable frequencies are concerned and includes the exploration of image, photography and photocopy, motion and sound, human happenings such as live meetings and exhibitions or the production of a book.
The machine is utilized as a tool rather than celebrated as a technique and thus interpreted for its pure design: photocopiers become music instruments, the noise turns into a publication or meets the visual by the means of its injection alongside the reality of Super 8 and 16mm films. Freed from arbitrary constraint, the facets of each fragmented medium naturally recompose themselves into one absolute ensemble.
The resulting publications themselves bear the mark of their direct existence, most apparently via handwritten titling, spontaneously closing and thus defining the circle.
instagram: @sergejvutuc


Maja Milić & Alessandro Citterio
(8xsuper8 projectors, tape recorders, samplers, mod.synth, turntable, pedals, various sound devices)
The performance centers on gesture as holder of subtle cultural memory and history, which could point to the body as an anthropological and sociological archive. Through physical habits, routines and automatisms rooted in the historical societal landscape, the body possesses information and expresses knowledge of deep cultural implication.
“Gesture is the name of this intersection between life and art, act and power, general and particular, text and execution. It is a moment of life subtracted from the context of individual biography as well as a moment of art subtracted from the neutrality of aesthetics: it is pure praxis. The gesture is neither use value nor exchange value, neither biographic experience nor impersonal event: it is the other side of the commodity that lets the “crystals of this common social substance” sink into the situation.” (Giorgio Agamben)
The images are sourced from self-collected home movies (of autoethnographic origin) and deconstructed, trapping body movement or posture into short, unpredictable set of images, continuously re-arranged. The main guide is sonic. The material, filmic as well as sonic, is used as open structures which can be manipulated and reacted to in real-time.

Maja Milić (b. 1985, Croatia) is a experimental and conceptual artist, filmmaker, sound explorer and DJ. Her practice can be characterized as experimental autoethnography, mainly the deconstruction and reconstruction of found footage / home movies, and trivial elements of reality. Apart from her film OTHER (2021-ongoing), such elements appear in her current work with sound improvisation, radiophonic experiments, expanded cinema performances, as well as in her conceptual publication with the same title OTHER (published with Atlas Projectos, Lisbon, and We make it, Berlin), all cryptically intertwined and in all of which she believes to be practicing film, too. Improvisation, intuition and unpredictability are crucial to her approach. Under the moniker Geanina Gypt she presents her sound work in a monthly radio show Gypt Sessions on Member of artist-run analog film labs Klubvizija (Zagreb) and Laborberlin.
instagram: @majamilich

Alessandro Citterio (b. 1998, Italy) is a musician, DJ, sound composer and designer, active in Berlin’s noise / experimental scene. Current resident sound tech of Petersburg Art Space (PAS) and part of Rome’s Benchpress collective. His work explores intense sound design based compositions that are usually presented alongside live analog projections from several independent artists in the underground scene. He puts an effort in melding modern and classic sound manipulation techniques. He performs his compositions live as Force Feedback and Djs as Stinkymate.
instagram: @____stinkymate

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